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Stock Photography Icons & Graphics

Stock Photography Icons and Graphics
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stocked is a stock icon/graphic community maintained by tynyx. Membership is 100% open but before joining or and posting anything, please have a look at the rules posted below

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1. Read through and respect the following rules. The rules will be your one and only warning, should you break them you will be banned and blocked. I am moding the comm by myself right now and I haven't the time or the patience to deal with rule breakers. There's not that many rules and they're really not that hard so please just try to follow them and everyone will be happy :)

2. Though stocked is 100% an open comm (you don't have to join to view the entries, you don't have to apply to join) if icons are linked to at a private journal some users prefer to f-lock their posts after a certain amount of time. Please respect this and don't leave stupid comments about not wanting to friend their journal to see their icons.

3. If you are linking to your icons at your private journal and your post will be locked after a set time...to avoid the above issues with flaming and stupid comments, please make note of the impending lock in your post here.

4. Be respectful at all times. Do not take personal differences, conflicts, general bitchiness, ect. to people's private journals. If you have a beef with the person regarding their icons or something to do with the comm itself, please contact me either at my personal journal or through email tigerfeet21@hotmail.com.

If your problem has nothing to do with icons or the comm please take it up with the LJ staff.

Likewise goes if you are being bothered at your private journal. If it has to do with the comm or a fellow member, please don't hesitate to contact me. If it's a problem in general contact LJ staff.

Being respectful also means realizing when constructive criticism is okay and when it is not okay. If someone asks for it, by all means go ahead...but do so with tact, don't blatantly say "YOUR ICONS SUCK MONKEY BALLS" or something similar. If there has been no request for con crit...just keep your yap shut.

5. RESPECT ICON MAKER'S RULES FOR USING THEIR ICONS!!!! Don't be a jerk and hotlink if the user does not want hotlinkers. Comment when you take their icons (it takes two seconds), and just don't be a jackass please.

6. The only things acceptable to post here are stock photography related icons and graphics.

DO NOT post fandom icons

DO NOT post graphic free posts (only I get to do that)

DO NOT post tutorials, questions or resources of any sort.

If you have an icon posts that includes fandom icons or any other sort of icon other than stock icons please, in your teaser only display the stock icons....that goes for other graphics too...if you have ANYTHING related to anything other than stock do not display in the preview for this comm.

If you have a question about a certain batch of icons or the effect used in them, please as the maker directly and don't post the question here. Chances are you'll get your answer faster if you ask directly.

If you have a question that is related to the comm and not in the FAQ (the faq has yet to be written, I'm working on a list) please email them to tigerfeet21@hotmail.com

7. Only 3 icons are to be displayed above a cut. If you do not know how to make a cut...ask someone.

8. Please do not flood the comm. If you have more than one batch to post in a day, please, please just make a jumbo post instead of gazillion smaller ones.

9. Do not use this place promote anything. There are specific comms for that.

10. Organization is a big thing with me, please use subject lines so that I can more easily put your entries in the memes section.

11. If there is a broken link anywhere in this comm...report it!

12. If you have something to contribute (your own stock photos, or a site with good stock photos) again, either under the rules or faq post or send it to me personally via email

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If you would like to affiliate, please comment under THIS post